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Dear NYC Restaurant Owner,

I have been writing an accessibility guide since 1998 which has focused on dining out in New York City/Metro Area. In the past, my guide included restaurant reviews and comprehensive information on each restaurant's wheelchair accessibility. Throughout the years, I have received emails from around the world thanking me for providing the information and/or folks asking for other access information.

I am revamping my dining out guide site to be an 'active', free listing of totally wheelchair accessible restaurants in New York, NY. By an 'active' free listing, I mean that you will continue to stay in touch with me regarding changes and updates to your listing. So if you open another restaurant across town with exactly the same wheelchair accessible amenites, I would like to add that to your free listing, or if you have closed your restaurant for remodeling, or have closed a location completely, it would be helpful for my readers to know.

If you are planning to have other amenities, such as braille menus, but don't have any at present, please wait till you actually have them in your restaurant before claiming that detail in your free listing.

Please also know that I'm not a NYC inspector, and I have nothing to do with reporting to the city health department or giving out fines. However, if you do list your restaurant as totally wheelchair accessible, I will stop by at some point to check to make sure my readers are being given totally accurate information. To be listed is totally free; does not cost you a penny.

This is a free service I do in my spare time, I am not subsidized or affiliated with any organizations. Please be patient as your free listing will be uploaded.

Thank you.


Wen Ballard

Download the ADA Small Business Primer

Download ADA requirements

92 page ADA requirement book

Totally wheelchair accessible to me means; criteria:

• There is a smooth entrance or ramp at the entrance/exit of your restaurant (no steps and no slight curb-like raises in concrete or wood that might be difficult for a person in a wheelchair to easily roll over).

• The doorway at least 32" wide, enough for a wheelchair to comfortably roll through.

• All pathways to tables, food service, restrooms, coatcheck, etc. are at least 36" wide, enough for a wheelchair to comfortably roll through and maneuver.

• The restroom is on the dining area level with no steps or other barriers that might impede a person in a wheelchair from easy access.

• The restroom walls have standard ADA railings inside appropriately situated, and the restroom area is spacious enough for a large person to lift themselves off a wheelchair and onto the toilet seat, and/or with the help of their personal assistant.

• Any other anemities your eatery might have such as braille menus, if your staff knows American Sign Language, a changing shelf in restrooms for infants, your staff will slice or cut up food for someone who has minimal use of their hands; I will be happy to list!

Please scroll past the wheelchair illustration to get to the list i need you to check off and/or fill out.

The illustrations below were taken off the ADA Federal Code of Regulations manual.
(This is a manual from 1994)


diagrams of wheelchair entrance and turning around measurements


Please copy and paste what's cited below in an email, fill out all the information that's applicable to your
restaurant/eatery, and email it to: BallardsAccessGuide (at) gmail (dot) com

Restaurant name:
Cuisine specialty:
Street address:
Area of city(Harlem, Soho, etc):
Web Site:
Other amenities for disabled folks:
Some staff knows American Sign Language: yes / no
Braille Menus: yes / no
Our staff will cut / slice food for customers: yes / no
Weekday hours:
Weekend hours:
Reservations required: yes / no
Jacket required: yes / no
Cash only: yes / no
Credit cards accepted:
Debit cards accepted:
Minimum charge per person at tables:
Full dinner or tapas plates:
Multi-level dining? yes / no
Elevator or smooth ramp to 2nd level: yes / no
Dinner price range:
Lunch price range:
Brunch price range:
Any Pre Fixe specials; and if yes, what day / time:
Full bar in restaurant: yes / no
No bar, but wine and liquor are served: yes / no
Bring your own wine: yes / no
Slight fee for bringing your own wine / beer: yes / no:
Fee for bringing your own wine/beer:
Table cloths: yes / no
Accoustic tiles, low noise: yes / no
Live Entertainment: yes / no
Type of live entertainment:
Music played (ethnic, classical, the radio):
How many large screen TVs:
Play radio and TV at same time: yes / no

Years in business:
Available for private parties: yes / no
Can legally house up to how many people:
Child friendly: yes or no
Diaper changing shelf in your restroom: yes / no
Highchairs for children: yes / no
Close (a few blocks) to which hotels and theaters:

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