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Access Input
(your input is important to me)

BallardsAccessGuide (at) gmail (dot) com

In the past, several of you had written to me stating that it was hard to find a restaurant or event space that is 'truly' accessible in New York City. Others had written that the wheelchair accessible hotel rooms seemed dingy or had a lousy view from the windows. Someone with Repetitive Strain Injury/RSI in their hands wrote that a restaurant refused to cut her meal into bite-sized pieces, as she was unable to cut it up herself. And others had written how NYC is public restroom-unfriendly and that there are not enough benches on the streets.

If you are have a disability (visible or invisible) or you had a disability when you visited NYC (within the last 5 years) I'd like your feedback. How was the accessibility and accommodations of your travel, hotel, city area/transportation, cultural institutions and parks you visited. What was lacking? What improvements do you recommend, logistically, architecturally, with signage, or within customer service? What changes have been made on your side of the world that you could share with me? I will be posting your valuable input in this section. Thank you for your time.

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