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Metropolitan Transit Authority's (MTA) accessibility page

Reduced fare for customers 65+ or with a qualifying disability


Elevator/Escalator Status

Staten Island Ferry Information on the website

If you are planning to use NYC/MTA public transportation, I highly advise checking their service change page/s from day to day. It can be very frustrating and time consuming when you set out to go somewhere, only to find out that certain trains, buses or routes, elevators and escalators are out of service. The MTA is also still repairing damages from Hurricane Sandy. The service change page is not just for NYC buses and trains, but also for the Long Island Railroad/Buses, MetroNorth trains, bridges/tunnels and other bus companies. There are also bulletins on the pages as well. (This info is also cited on the Easy access bus & subway web page)
Service changes page

All MTA buses have wheelchair lifts / ramps in the front of the bus.

Information on fares and Metrocards

Again, Where to buy Metrocards

NYC subway maps and bus maps
are also available in print at the fare booths underground; you just have to ask for them. I would imagine that these would also be available at the information booth at Grand Central Station, the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Penn (Pennsylvannia) Station. I have also seen them at public libraries. Ask at the Terminal information booths where you can get them for free.

Links to 2014 Bus & Subway Map pdf files that you can download.

NYC Subway Map
Manhattan Bus Map
Bronx Bus Map
Brooklyn Bus Map
Queens Bus Map
Staten Island Bus Map

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