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General NYC Accessibility Information

If you are planning to visit NYC, modern hotels would have more accessibility features than older, landmark hotels. Although, some landmark hotels may have updated their facilities to have internet access in rooms and other amenities; so its best to contact them and ask.

If you are getting around NYC soley by bus and have not bought a Metrocard, you or your PCA must have $5.00 worth of US coins (no pennies) per person for your trip to and from where ever you are going. The bus fare unit does not take bills or credit/debit cards, nor will the bus driver give you change. Make sure to ask the driver for a tranfer/s (it is usually a blue and white cardboard card) as you and/or your PCA board the bus. Each transfer has a smartchip in it and is only good for 2 hours after you receive it.

You do not have to go into our subway stations to purchase Metrocards as some neighborhood merchants sell them.
Where to buy Metrocards.

When you purchase a Metrocard, you no longer need to ask the bus driver for a transfar, as the plastic card has a smart chip in it and there will be a transfer on your Metrocard that can use up to 2 hours after you use the card for the initial fare.

Do not fold/bend your Metrocard and keep it away from coins, pens and keys, as it may not work anymore if you don't keep it in a separate place.

You may want to hang onto your Metrocard incase you want more fares on it later on, because, if you get a brand new Metrocard in the subway, you'll be charged $1.00 fee just for the new card.

Here's some information on refilling your Metrocard.

New York City recently created a 107 page accessibility guide, featuring all sorts of attractions with amenities, It is a pdf file you can download. The restaurant listing is from pages 80 - 90, but believe it or not, not all of the restaurants listed are 100% wheelchair accessible. NYC's Accessibility Guide.

New York State Department of Health,
How to Plan Events Everyone Can Attend

The Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities, Project Open House

As of 2010, there are Public Service Announcements on TV Channel 25, (WNYC), for a pilot program where people with disabilities in NYC can get an accessible cab by calling 311.

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