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People-watchers/nature-lovers love to hang out in NYC parks...
NYC Parks Accessibility page
or phone 311 for all Parks & Recreation information,
Outside of NYC call 212-NEW-YORK or 1-212-639-9675

TTY Number is 1-212-504-4115

Want to hang out around Times Square?
West 42nd Street and Broadway, the Broadway Theater District (the West 40s through West 50s), or hang out in Central Park(59th St through 110th St-length and Central Park West/8th Ave through 5th Avenue-width). Then I suggest you book a hotel near where you want to go, not a hotel downtown in the Wall Street/financial district or out in Queens. Although some travelers have saved big bucks by staying in hotels far away from where the action is. Decide which is more important to you when selecting your hotel. By the way, it is not advisable to hang out in Central Park when it is dark.

NYC is cracking down on many of the street artists, musicians and other performing artists, that are either selling artwork in the parks, along 5th Ave near the Met Museum or performing in the parks. Police are giving out fines to many of these creative folks if they ask for contributions. So, in effect, the NYC is getting less friendly in that respect. You can read more information by clicking here and also clicking here.

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