Le Jardin

Le Jardin stood head and shoulders above the rest of the clubs. It did so because of the naturalness of just how happening it was. It seemed to have "happened" all by itself, without any effort.

The place went on every night, all night. Straights mixed with gays, gays mixed with Blacks, Blacks mixed with Hispanics. The music was not exclusively discotheque music, it was seemingly music that went on and on, and with a perfect mix.

The nights were an experience. I recall a Monday night in February of 1975, when Diana Ross made an appearance, it was highly "unplanned" and the night was one to remember.

After Le Jardin, it seemed that the clubs just tried too hard to be "happening" while Le Jardin "happened" all by itself. There will never be another club that parallels it.  

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