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The Number 594 has been my lucky number since spring 1992. That year and that time, I noticed it's recurrance in my life, and in the years following as well. Especially when I do something positive for myself, such as facing situations I would prefer to avoid. Then 594 will suddenly come into view...like on the license plate or something.

Summer1992, I was trying to get a job at 594 Broadway. Well, I didn't land a job there, I landed one at 200 Hudson St. My extension, however, ended up being 594. It wasn't an extension that was specifically created for me, it had already existed. So uncanny! I found it interesting that I focused so much on this 594 number then it came to me and became part of my life through the phone line extension.

In April of 1997, I went to the New York City magic store, Magical Childe on W. 19th Street to see what meaning, (if any), 594 has. The store manager found a book that listed 594 as meaning "Stone of Israel". He said, since the number has brought me good luck (some lottery winnings and employment),
I should stick with it. Soon after, I decided to name my web site's domain 594.com.

I have never been superstitious, but the recurrance of 594 in my life is sort of uncanny, but in a pleasant way.

I sought out some religious Jewish people to ask what Stone of Israel means. One fellow said, "I don't know, everything in Israel is made of stone." I finally met a person on the Internet who told me it means the "Endurance of God" or that "God Endures".

On a Qabalah meaning website, (davidcherubim.net/englishqabalah.htm)
the number 594 = Golden Dawn, Holy Graal, Integrate, Fortify, Magical Self, Conspire, Current, Filament, Most High, God of Earth, Jupiter. Fortune, Vocation, Physics, Poetry, Letters, Olive Oil, Arduous, Rapture, Autocrat, Servant, Thought. Most of these words sound good, except for conspire, autocrat,

This is not by any means a religious oriented website. I just wanted to you to know why I chose 594. It is an interesting story to share!

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