Village People Banned  

My college graduation celebration took place at Studio 54. I recall teasing people by telling them about my big debue at the Felt Forum(which no longer exists) in Madison Square Garden. Yes, I graduated at the Felt Forum! Star Wars was still the rage!

The party at Studio 54 was great. $15.00 included open bar, and I danced with all my Fashion Design major friends.

I remember getting special dancing shoes (Capezios) thinking they'd be good to wear and all they did was rub my toes raw, so I had to leave early.

The funny part to this story was the party that was at the college in the faculty lounge.

Considering many students at F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC) are fashion majors and of the gay persuasion, I found it really amusing that the Village People were banned. No one could request a Village People recording to be played as they would not play any. These recordings which we wanted to hear were from their first album, "Village People". The B&W album that featured the "San Francisco /Hollywood Medley".

This was prior to the Village People becoming main stream. Remember...anyone who went to Ice Palace 57, already owned the Macho Man album by October '78. The song, Macho Man, did not go mainstream until late spring or summer of '79. (remember when you could bring your ghetto blasters on the subway?)

I also remember, back then it wasn't cool to be a gay performer as many performers now can be publicly open about it and not lose their popularity.

So when the Village People became mainstream, they didn't flaunt they're gayness. Dave Hodo and Randy Jones became sex symbols for straight women. Especially Dave Hodo, the construction worker. I believe his blue jeans were sandpapered in all the right places!

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