The Sahara Club

You cited The Sahara Club in your intro. I loved the Sahara club! It was an Upper East Side disco in Manhattan. It was chic and posh, but affordable.

The club was a duplex space. The ground floor had the cool entertainment. Comedians, bands, etc. Upstairs was the disco. I recall a wall with lights shimmering as the music pulsed. The hottest women went to Sahara!

The music was always great and the people who went there were upscale as well. Sahara had class! Entertainment was super fine on certain weeknights. The disco mixing was FAB, butI don't recall who the DJ was. One night I recall in particular, really getting down and sweating with an extra hot babe to "Come On and Do It" by Pousezz. "where'd you learn to funk like it! do it! do it to me, do it to me..."

Sahara reigned as a hot spot to dance at from the mid 70's thru the early 80's.

Photo: Andy Bonadonna ©1977

These days, it is rare to find a club that maintains it's theme the entire week. Clubs are now booked different nights and given different names for each particular theme.

Sahara was always the same and you could expect night after night of great times.

I remember one night I went there with my friend Debra from Pearl River, NY. We had a great time, only she drank too much.

When giving me a lift home, she pressed too hard on the gas, and was going 90 mph up Park Avenue. I kept having to wake her up, as she almost jumped the divider on the highway several times.

Luckily, I got dropped home safely and she got herself home safely too, but I never got into a car with her again.

This recollection is 2-fold. One, to give you my memories of The Sahara, and two, to remind people not to drink and drive. It's as dangerous now as it was in '79! Some things never change and drinking and driving are one of them!

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