The Early 70's 

The early 70's brought in some dancable music once again like "Love Train", "Soul Makosa" and "Who's that Lady?"

Years just before that, I was feeling quite disheartened by the contempory music. Although a fabulous lyricist, when Don McClean came out with "American Pie"-(the day the music died) really did seem like the music had died.

In'74, there seemed to be a buzz in the air. The music was really changing and I fell in love with George McCray's "Rock Your Baby", Barry White's "You're the First, My Last, My Everything", and TSOP. The EP versions of these songs had me literally entranced.

Did I have disco fever? Well, I wasn't into the wardrobe, drugs or fast sex, but I was into the music. Being into the music led me to be into the disco club scene.

I noticed people who did not dance wore T-shirts that read "DISCO SUCKS". I later learned that many of these t-shirt wearers were musicians who lost work at clubs that were now playing disco instead of hiring them to play music at their club. Much economic frustration for musicians came out of that.

Just about any place that played disco music was a place I'd be. I'll admit that I never made it to Bond's, Le Jardin, The Paradise Garage, and some of the hot clubs in Brooklyn, NY (where the famous movie Saturday Night Fever was filmed), even though I always got invitations to go.

I practically lived in the discos. I'd go after my college classes were done. If a club was opening, I'd try to get my little body there. I could not get enough.

The days and nights of disco were the best times of my life and I'm thrilled that WKTU resurfaced as a disco/dance radio station. While I'm not all that crazy about some of the newer dance music(though I do like some of it), I get to hear many of the disco classics that I loved so dearly.



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