Abraham Wolfe Binder

Legendary Jewish Music Composer



Abraham Wolfe Binder


a legendary synagogue composer,
and educator


A native New Yorker, born in the Bronx in 1895, "Wolfe" (as his friends and family called him) was the most musically prolific of his 5 siblings in the music field.

Abraham Wolfe Binder devoted himself to developing and exploring Jewish music in all its phases. He has many large, orchestral, chamber and choral compositions in his works, but he has composed in all forms. His synagogue choral works are well known and have become American synagogue standards.

He helped build the 92nd Street Y's music department, starting in 1917. He held the position there as Musical Director until his daughter, Hadassah Markson. took over his position. He was also Musical Director

Abraham Wolfe Binder organized the Jewish Music Forum and the Jewish Liturgical Society of America. He co-organized the National Jewish Music Council and the Hebrew Union School of Sacred Music.

In 1953, the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion awarded him the degree of Doctor of Hebrew Letters, honoris causa.

The Jewish Welfare Board gave him with the Frank L. Weil award for his contributions to American Jewish Culture.

He was also a Professor of Jewish Music at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and Hebew Union School of Sacred Music.

Abraham Wolfe Binder's music has been published by most of the leading publishers in this country and in Israel.

Abraham Wolfe Binder's siblings were his sister's, Rae, Dora and Esther, and his brothers, Jack and Isadore. Isadore had 2 radio programs in the 1920's. "Dream Cantor" and Uncle Ozer (pronouned Ozaire) which aired on WBNX in the Bronx. He sang on the radio with his eldest son, Julius. Isadore was a Cantor as a young man and later became a Rabbi. The other brother, Jack, was involved in the textile industry. His sisters got married and more information about them is not available at this time.



His musical works include: 

3-Festival Music Liturgy
Medium: Cantor, Soli, SATB, Keyboard
Language: Hebrew English
Morning Service, Evening Service, Service for Simchath Torah, Memorial Service: Choral Prelude, Festival Anthem, Bor'chu, Sh'ma Yisroel, Mi Chomocho 1, 2 & 3, Vay'daber Moshe, Atoh v'chartonu, Adoration, 3-Festival Kiddush, Amens for Benediction, Horiu Ladonoy, Shiro Chadosho 1, 2 & 3, Tzur Yisroel, K'dushah, 3-fold Benediction, May the Words, Hallel, Eyn Komocho, Adonoy, Adonoy, Praised Be He, L'cho Adonoy, Y'hal'lu, Gad'lu, Hodo al Eretz, Prayer for Dew and Rain, Atoh Horeso, Ono Adonoy, Benediction for Consecrants, Sisu v'simchu, Shivisi Adonoy.

N'ilah Service
Medium: Cantor, SATB, Organ
Language: Hebrew English

'Concluding Service for the Day of Atonement': N'ilah Kaddish, The Sun Goes Down, Bless the Lord, Ovos, Zochrenu La-Chayim, K'dusha, Responses for Choir and Congregation, P'sach Lonu Sha'ar, Lift Up Your Heads, Va'anachnu, Sh'ma Yisroel, Sh'ma Yisroel, Boruch, Shem K'vod, Adonoy Hu Ho-Elohim, Benediction.

Afternoon Service for the Day of Atonement
Medium: Cantor, Soli, SATB, Organ
Language: Hebrew English
A Servant Unto Thee, Work in My Behalf, Un'saneh Tokef, Ochiloh Lo-El, Oleynu, They Shall Not Hurt, Avodah, My Soul is Athirst for God, All the World, The Sacrifices of God, Dark'cho Eloheynu, V'atem Had'vakim, Hayom T'amtzenu, Eyn Komocho, For He Satisfieth the Longing Heart.

Morning Service for the New Year
Medium: Cantor, Soli, SATB, Organ
Language: Hebrew English
Horiu L'Adonoy, Bor'chu, Sh'ma Yisroel 1 & 2, Mi Chomocho, Tzur Yisroel, Zochrenu La-Chayim, M'chalkel Chayim, K'dusha, Amens for Threefold Blessing, Our Father Our King, S'u Sh'orim, Adonoy, Adonoy, Praised Be He, L'cho Adonoy, Benediction Preceding Shofar Service, Shofar Service, Gad'lu and Hodo al Eretz, Etz Chayim, Va-anachnu.

Arvit l'Rosh Hashana v'Yom Kippur
Medium: Cantor, Soli, SATB, Organ
Language: Hebrew English
'Evening Services for the New Year and Day of Atonement': Prelude, Eso Einai, Bor'chu, Sh'ma Yisroel, Mi Chomocho, Harninu, Silent Devotion and May the Words, Our Father, Our King, Kiddush 1 & 2, Adoration, Kaddish, Adon Olom, Or Zorua, Kol Nidre 1 & 2, S'lach Noh, Vayomer Adonoy, Ki Vayom, Shehecheyonu, Tovo L'fonecho, V'al Kulom, We are Thy People, Ya-aleh.

The Lord is My Shepherd (Adonoy Ro-ee) (High)
Medium: Solo (High), Keyboard
Language: Hebrew English
Psalm 23

Hariu l'Adonai
Medium: Cantor, SATB, Organ
Language: Hebrew
Psalm 100

Chanukah Candle Blessings/Maoz Tsur - Rock of Ages
Medium: Solo (Med), Rehearsal Piano
Language: Hebrew English
Based on traditional Ashkenazic melodies

Biblical Chant
Medium: Solo (Any), Keyboard
Language: -

Medium: Cantor, SATB, Organ
Language: Hebrew English

Az Der Rebbe Geht

Arvit L'Rosh Hashana V'Yom Kippur



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