Elton John at the Club Manatee Disco.
Toronto, Canada

This brings back memories of a February evening - with lots of now on the ground, when a friend and I went to the MANATEE on a Saturday evening. A large limousine parked right under a "no parking sign" near a snow bank attracted our attention, wondering who might be inside, arriving in a limo. Once inside, another friend approached me with the news that Elton John was in the Club Manatee.

After looking around, I heard that he was sitting "out of sight"on the raised portion of the club, around a corner. So, of course, we walked up to the raised section, and noticed Elton John sitting there with this manager. His attire was extremely conservative: navy blue blazer, open white shirt, grey slacks.

His manager was arranging appointments for those interested in talking to Elton for five minutes max.

He never got up to dance, or moved away from his table. HisReserved manner and attire did not in any way resemble his outfits when singing "Lucy in the Sky".

I was amazed at the crowd - hardly anyone bothered him for autographs, and a constant procession of guys quietly filed byin single line to catch a glimpse of him. Everybody misses The Club manatee.

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